Droste effect using a kodak camera

A photo of the Droste effect, the same picture in a picture in a picture. Ipad, camera, kodak, earplugs, apple
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I learned in high school about the Droste effect and it immediately grabbed my attention. In theory it’s an infinite loop of graphics inside graphics. I decided to stop at the third frame because the pixels would get all messed up, but you should be able to go one until you run out of pixels. If you want to use the picture without the Droste effect you simply put a dark gray square over the apple ipad, ofcourse you need some knowledge of picture editing software.

The effect was named after a Dutch chocolate manufacturer called Droste, whos advertising showed a woman with a tray of hot chocolate and a can of Droste, on which a woman was depicted with a tray of hot chocolate with a can of Droste and so on.

The camera in the picture is a Kodak Retina 1a from the early 1950s, a beautiful solid made camera made in germany. I picked it up at a flea market yesterday for 10 euros, a real bargain!

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