Lonely tree on a green hill

Lonely tree on a hill. Stock photo of a green meadows and a blue sky, on top the hill stands a tree, all alone.
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In the summer of 2014, I was driving around in the Seissan region of Southern France, looking for a photo opportunity. While on a small country road, I saw a glimpse of this tree and decided to climb up the hill to take a closer look. The scene looked awesome, as if I walked into a windows background. I took some photos and when I post-processed the pictures I felt the weather wasn’t to great. There were just too many clouds in the frame. A couple of nice fluffy white clouds would have been nice but the picture felt too dark. So a couple of days later when the weather was better I drove back to the area to take this picture. But I got lost and couldn’t find it, it took me almost an hour to find it again. I’m happy I did!

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