Information for photographers

Skitterphoto has been around since 2014 and was founded by passionate amateur photographers from The Netherlands. Skitterphoto now offers photographers around the world the opportunity to show off their work and share their work worldwide through our renewed platform.

All photos on Skitterphoto are public domain using Creative Commons CC0

So… Why should I upload pictures to Skitterphoto?

  1. Instead of keeping your images on your hard drive, use our platform to showcase your work;
  2. Pictures on Skitterphoto are widely used and appreciated by people across the globe;
  3. Share your pictures with friends and family through social media;
  4. Even though it’s not necessary, you will receive credit for your work by end users anywhere;
  5. You can use search engines to see what’s going on with the pictures you released;
  6. Your photos will receive views, downloads and likes. You can use these statistics to measure your success and the quality of your pictures;
  7. Your best photos may be selected to be featured on the website and our social media channels;
  8. Receive donations through paypal from appreciative users;
  9. Promote your own website / project / business;
  10. Take the next step in photography and have fun doing so.

Wait a second… These questions pop up!

Why give away my work when I can also get paid?

It’s true, you are giving away pictures but you’re not giving them away to be owned by someone else. Public domain photos aren’t owned by anyone. However, if you created the picture, you will remain the maker until the end of days.

If you want to sell photos online, there are numerous websites for this purpose. As an affiliate partner, Skitterphoto recommends

Can people earn money using my photos?

Yes they can, but they can’t publish them as if they created the content themselves. Plagiarism can still apply to public domain content. You can't quote from a book from the middle ages and publish the quote as your own words.

Do I need an account?

You can login easily use the website by signing up or using your twitter, facebook or flickr account to log in. If you just want to download photos, you don't need an account

Can I upload photos I took with my smartphone?

Yep! But you have to realize that all photos are evaluated. In general, pictures taken with mobile phones tend to have less quality. For more information, check our user terms for uploading.

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Rudy and Peter
Skitterphoto creators