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 The offical skitterphoto logo  Skit·ter(verb)

  • to go, run, or glide lightly or rapidly.

All images on are available for download, they’re free to skitter around the world. All uploaded content is public domain. Are you looking for a wallpaper or a  free photo for a website, blog, magazine or advertisement? Skitterphoto means:

  • All photos are license free under the CC0 license. Use and customize them, even commercially. For more information on CC0 license, see the information on the web site of creative commons;
  • We upload a new image every day;
  • No log-in required;
  • All photos are taken by three skitter photographers residing in Groningen, The Netherlands;
  • We have the most of the .raw source files, they are available upon request;


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Happy clicking!