A cup of tea my dear?

Picture of five tea bags hanging on a black background. Download this food drink picture without logging in on Skitterphoto.com
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This shot was taken with the invisible black backdrop technique. In theory it’s rather simple but it takes some getting used to. What you do is you shut out most of the light using low ISO and a small aperture. You will need an external flash that you can control manually. You take the maximum shutter time that works with your flash sync capabilities. It’s like a reversed long exposure where you want the sensor to get as much light as possible. With black backgrounds you want as little as light on your sensor because heres where the flash comes in. Focus on your subject and let the flash do the job. If it gives to much light you can adjust the flash so it fires on half the power or a quarter of the power. You can also play around with apertures or shutter speed until you get the desired result. You can make pictures like this in broad daylight!
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