Antique photography

A zeiss ikon 120mm camera sits on a photo album of more than a century old.
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This photo album was on my grandmothers attic for 75 years and now I’ve got it. On the photo is my great grandmother, I think the man is her brother but it could also be my great grandfather. Unfortunately there’s no one left to confirm. The album is full with relatives but I have no idea who they are. All I know is that were form the Arnhem region.

It’s the photo album from her youth, youngest picture dates back until around 1905/1910 when she was a young adult. The oldest photos are from my great great grandparents, probably around 1880/1890 or maybe even older. It think it’s pretty special to own family images of over 100 years old!

What will it be like in 300 years when there’s centuries of filmed footage available?

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