Fresh made coffee

Free picture of a cup of coffee. Use this wallpaper for you café or coffee shop. Just download for free at
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I just love coffee and here is how I make it. Grind fresh 100% Arabica beans, for a mild coffee from either Costa Rica or Brazil. Take the grinded beans and make a stong coffee with 7 grams on 100 ml. Boil the water and cool it down 10% with cold water to get a temperature of about 90 degrees celsius. With boiling water, the coffee will burn. Take a French press and wash it off with hot water. Put in the grinded coffee and half of the water. Stir slowly and put in the rest of the water. Wait for 5 minutes. In the mean time, slowly heaten semi-skimmed milk but don’t let it cook. Take your cup and fill it with 60% coffee and 40% milk for a perfect café latte.
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