Photo of a Hamburger served in a restaurant on a plate with vegetables and French fries, accompanied by mayonaise.
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Have you ever wondered who invented the hamburger and also why it is called a hamburger? Well, I did some research and here is what I came up with.

The name “hamburger” originated from German immigrants and dates back to the late 1880’s. The word came from the name of the town Hamburg in Germany. Here is what the Online Etymology Dictionary has to say:

1889, hamburg steak, from the Ger. city of Hamburg, though no certain connection has ever been put forth, and there may not be one beyond that of Hamburg being a major port of departure for Ger. immigrants to U.S. Shortened form burger attested from 1939; beefburger was attempted 1940, in an attempt to make the main ingredient more explicit, after the -burger had taken on a life of its own as a suffix (cf. cheeseburger, first attested 1938).


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