Inside of a camera

This is a free picture of the inside of the camera, exposing wires and circuits. It was made in japan by the Nikon factory.
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As you can see, do not attempt to fix a camera yourself unless you are an electrotechnics prodigy. There are just too many circuits and wires. These parts were assembled by robots in Japan, by the Nikon factory. The camera is an analog Nikon F-301 and it didn’t work anymore. I took off the top for the picture, but the problem was the battery house which was corroded beyond fixability. Most camera’s from the analog days that are broke have this problem. People put the camera away because they bought a new one and they forgot to take out the batteries. It’ll never work again unless you replace the whole housing. And that’s just to much work for a camera that’s worth only $10. Most people won’t throw away a camera, even if it’s whacked. They take little space and it just feels unnatural to throw them in the bin. I estimate that you can find a camera in 90% of the attics. If you find one and want to get rid off it, they can be recycled so take them to your local scrap yard.
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