Old slides see light again

A picture of various old slides in a composition. Strange people in unknown places.
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I sometimes buy old photo gear and I find old slides or negatives tucked away now and then. Most of these images haven’t been seen by anyone in decades.You can still see the markings, some are numbered and one you can clearly see they used agfa film.

One of these slides is a still life of a book, a glass of wine and a hat. Simply brilliant. I will post that one as a simgle some other time. What I like about the most prominent slide in this image is the man to the right who’s making a frame with his hands. Maybe these guys were discussing photography or he was just responding to the person taking the photo. It will remain a mystery. Just as we will probably never know who these people are, when or where the picture was taken and if they’re still alive.

Another one of the slides as a single can be viewed here:

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