Photographing a drop of water

Close up [icture of a green water drop and how to make a water drop macro shot.
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I made this picture with a green lunch box of my daughter, because I wanted to get a color in the picture and all the cups and bowls I own are apparently white. Here’s how I made it.

You take your tripod and get a flash. Set your lens to F14 for a large depth of field, ISO 100 and sync your flash at about 1/300 of a second. You can use any modern lens but I used a macro lens to get close to the drop. Fill your bowl with water, aim your lens to the center of the bowl and place a small floating thingie in the center to focus on the surface of the water. When focused, set your lens to manual so it’s locked sharp on the spot. Now take an eyedropper and start letting drops go to that exact same spot to get the hang of it. Start clicking with flash with one hand while letting drops go with the other. At least that’s how I did it, you can also set a timer and have it fire a few shots. Timing is hard but you’ll get the hang of it.

I used a flash aiming forward, which gives some reflection in the drop. I liked the result better than aiming the flash elsewhere. For our other close up water drop picture (one of our all time most downloaded pictures), click here

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