The station now and then

Photo of an abandonded railway station, the building is empty. This is an urbex photo (urban exploration)
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This HDR picture is and urban exploration (urbex) photo. There are many pics out there of abandonded hospitals, offices, churches etc. If you have some time on your hands, there some very exciting examples on 500px.

This is the interior of the railway station of Carlux in 2015. There are no rails anymore, no more trains stopping and no longer are people surrounding the building. Waiting, talking, buying tickets or drinking a cup of coffee. Now it’s a quiet, creepy place that’s slowly deteriorating.

How different was it back in the 1937, when these unknown people were posing by the tracks. It was taken almost 80 years ago but you can clearly see the same windows in my picture. The picture was taken by famous photographer Robert Doisneau. Can you get any closer to the past?

Carlux train station in 1927
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