This is a story about Herbert

The story of Herbert the gate. Herbert stands next to a ditch with his feet in the grass. He has a great view on the blue sky.
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Once upon a time, there was a little gate. His name was Herbert.
Herbert did not find a job, so his life had no meaning.
His friends all got great jobs. Garry for example become the gate of the Taj Mahal.
But Herbert wasn’t jealous. No, Herbert was very happy for his friends, and he knew that one day his life would get a meaning. One day Herbert will tell everybody to stay outside or come in.
Years and years were going by, and Herbert was still on the shelf. After a while it was so quiet around Herbert that a worm visited him, and the worm starting to nibble on Herbert. Fortunately a human came by and he helped Herbert with the worm. The human even gave Herbert a scrub and a polish. Herbert was shining from excitement.
Just at the moment when Herman wasn’t seeing any perspective anymore, a farmer walked into the room and gave the human some money. The farmer took Herbert for a ride and they arrived at the country side.
The farmer placed Herman right next to a ditch. “Here you go, Herman” said the farmer. “I know it isn’t much, but I hope you will be happier here than lying on the shelf at the DIY shop. Enjoy your view, and when someone wants to trespass just say the magic words….Thou shall not pass!”
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